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6 fruits make the heart strong, Dr. admits that the risk of heart attack will be reduced

About one third of all deaths worldwide are due to heart disease. Diet has the biggest role in keeping the heart healthy. Eating a healthy diet is believed to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Certain foods can actually raise blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol, all of which are risk factors for heart disease. According to Dr. Kiran Rukdikar, a bariatric physician and celebrity nutritionist, founder of the Diet Queen app, it is important to keep the heart healthy and healthy. To get stronger, you should consume fruits. Fruits have the power to improve heart health. This is because fruits are packed with all the essential nutrients. Consuming the fruit helps to control cholesterol and blood pressure, which are bad for heart health.

Oranges contain the cholesterol-fighting fiber pectin. Orange slices help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. Oxidized cholesterol sticks to the walls of arteries, forming plaque. The plaque can grow large enough to block blood flow in small blood vessels, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke.(Photo Credits: TOI)


The anthocyanins in blueberries are antioxidants that work to reduce the buildup of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol in artery walls that contribute to heart disease and stroke. (Photo Credits: TOI)


Bananas are rich in potassium which helps protect against pathogenic vascular calcification, also known as hardening of the arteries. Bananas also contain fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C. All of them support heart health.(Photo Credits: TOI)


Apples help reduce the risk of heart disease. This is because they contain many different compounds that improve various factors related to heart health. They contain a phytochemical called quercetin which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Quercetin may also help prevent blood clots. Apples are high in soluble fiber, which helps lower cholesterol. They also contain polyphenols, which have been linked to lower blood pressure and stroke risk.(Photo Credits: TOI)


Papayas contain high levels of antioxidant vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. A diet high in antioxidants may reduce the risk of heart disease. Antioxidants prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. When cholesterol becomes oxidized, it is more likely to cause blockages that lead to heart disease. Additionally, the high fiber content of papayas may reduce the risk of heart disease. High fiber diet lowers cholesterol levels. (Photo Credits: TOI)


Blackberry contains anthocyanins which provide protection to the heart. Blackberries are rich sources of vitamin C and potassium, both of which support a good and healthy cardiovascular system.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.



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