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According to age, the need of these vitamins and minerals starts in women.

Health Tips: Nutrients are very important for the good health of the body. Their deficiency affects both our health and immunity. It is believed that more nutrients are needed in the body of women than men. There is a reason for this that women have more health problems than men. Women should consume nutrients according to their age. In such a situation, include abundant nutrients in your diet. Know here which nutrients are very important for women according to age.

girls under 25

Calcium- Girls need calcium at this age. In such a situation, take plenty of calcium, so that bones and muscles develop properly and make them strong. For this, you should consume dairy products, fish, soybeans.

Dosage – about 1 thousand milligrams throughout the day

Vitamin D – absorbs calcium. Vitamin D. Vitamin D is obtained from the morning rays of the sun. You should eat okra i.e. okra, salmon fish and grains.

Dosage – 600 IU throughout the day

Iron- Every month, due to periods, there is a lack of iron in the body, due to which weakness starts in the body. In such a situation, eat plenty of meat, fish, spinach, pomegranate and beetroot.

Dosage – 18 mg daily

25-40 year old women

Folic Acid- Folic acid is very important in the formation of DNA and RNA. It is very important for the body to get enough folic acid during pregnancy. It is found in citrus fruits, kidney beans, eggs and legumes.

Dosage- 600 mcg daily for pregnant lady

500 mcg for breast feeding women

Iodine- Plenty of iodine is necessary in women of this age for the development of the body.

Dosage – 150 mcg throughout the day

Iron- Women in the age group of 25 to 50 years should also consume iron in abundance.

Dosage – 18 mg daily

pregnant women 27 mg per day

Vitamins B12 and B16 – Vitamins are necessary to strengthen immunity. It is found in green vegetables, milk, fish.

Dosage – Vitamin B12 2.4 mg daily

Vitamin B16 1.3 mg daily

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