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Adnan Sami reduced 130 kg, learn these 5 lessons from him, you will also lose weight

Losing weight is not an easy task but if a person is determined then it is not that difficult either. The biggest example of this is the famous singer Adnan Sami. As soon as Adnan Sami’s name comes on his mouth, the image of his massive body comes to mind. But now the picture has changed. He has reduced his weight. Now Adnan is no longer chubby. Today he is the owner of a perfect body. In an interview to TOI, Adnan says, ‘I struggled tremendously with my weight for many years. At one point my weight was 230 kg. Now that I have lost 130 kg, it was not an easy journey. But the point was that I wanted to lose weight somehow. He says that it was exercise and a healthy diet that helped him walk on the path of fitness.

There is no doubt that everyone is surprised to see his amazing transformation. But it is definitely a lesson for all those people who think that it is impossible to happen while the truth is that nothing is permanent in this world, even your weight. Let us know how you should proceed by taking lessons from them. Keep moving forward by doing simple things

Adnan’s journey to lose weight became easy because he consistently followed simple health rules. This was the reason why he got such a result, which was surprising to everyone. Small good deeds can always give the best results if done in the right way.

Don’t make it a burden, keep it simple

There were some rumors that she had tried some different or special methods to lose weight. Ignoring these, he told that only through better diet and exercise helped him to lose the extra weight.

do it for yourself and with your heart

People start losing weight in the desire to look beautiful or attractive and leave in the middle by getting bored. Adnan Sami said that ‘I did it only because I needed to do it. It was a question of life and death.

be mindful of your health

For Adnan, embarking on a weight loss journey was an answer to the question of life and death, which was before him due to his obesity. He weighed 230 kg before taking the oath to lose weight. Adnan revealed that he is conscious about his food and does not do anything that will harm his health.

Make a plan to lose weight

Achieving anything requires planning and Adnan’s weight loss journey is one such example. He told that I followed a routine under which I followed a high protein diet which had neither roti, no rice, no sugar, no oil. I was hoping to lose a little weight but I lost 130kg.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.

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