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Air Pollution: Your handkerchief will save you from toxic air, learn from the doctor tips to deal with pollution


To avoid pollution, one must wear a mask while going out. Pollution has a greater impact on the health of the elderly and young children.

Tips To Reduce Pollution Effects: For the past several days, the air quality of all the big cities including the capital Delhi is at a very poor level. The air in Delhi-NCR has become poisonous and all the people are facing problems due to air pollution. It is a matter of tension for people suffering from asthma or respiratory diseases. Despite all the steps taken by the government, pollution is at an alarming level. Now the question arises that how to deal with this pollution. Get to know the important things from the doctor about this.

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Air Pollution can cause these problems According to Dr. Bhagwan Mantri, Pulmonologist of Moolchand Hospital, New Delhi, people can have many problems due to air pollution. During breathing, the dangerous elements present in the air go to the lungs, due to which many people start having trouble breathing. Asthma and respiratory patients can have serious problems like allergic reaction and acute bronchitis and asthma attack due to pollution. Pollution causes irritation and allergic reactions in the eyes of many people. It has the greatest effect on the elderly and young children.

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How To Prevent Pollution? Dr. According to God’s minister, to avoid pollution, you should stay indoors as much as possible and go out only when needed. It is very important for everyone to wear a mask while going out so that the pollutants cannot reach your body through breathing. Asthma patients should contact the doctor in case of any kind of problem. Apart from this, your medicine should be taken on time and the windows and doors of the house should be kept closed. If possible, get an air purifier installed. Apart from this, in case of irritation in the eyes, wash them with clean water and use eye drops after consulting the doctor. Do not do any kind of treatment at home.

How will the handkerchief protect against pollution? Dr. God minister says that if you do not have a mask while going out, then wet your handkerchief or any other cloth and cover your mouth and nose properly. The wet handkerchief will act as a mask for you and will protect you from pollution. Although the weather is changing at this time and wet clothes should not be worn for a long time. This should be done only in emergency condition. To avoid pollution, do yoga at home.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 01, 2022, 10:50 IST



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