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Along with corona, ‘Jal Neti’ yoga action prevents infection of many diseases, know its health benefits

What is Jal Neti, Benefits of Jal Neti: Ayurveda and Yoga have been of great importance in India since ancient times. Several hundred years ago, major diseases were treated through these. Yoga has great importance even in today’s changing lifestyle. By doing yoga, while our fitness remains intact, it also strengthens our immunity and gives us the strength to fight against many common and serious diseases.

After the corona epidemic, a new consciousness has arisen among the people regarding yoga. Due to the frequent ups and downs of Corona, we need to take extreme precautions. People were also seen taking various measures to avoid infection. One such remedy is Jal Neti Yoga which can help us to avoid corona virus infection. Jal Neti is a yoga practice that has got a place in Ayurveda, through this action the nose is cleaned, which reduces the risk of infection.

Prevention of corona infection During the corona epidemic, many Ayurveda experts claimed that the cleaning of the respiratory tract through Jal Neti Yoga Kriya helps in avoiding covid infection. It was also claimed that if someone is infected with corona and he does Jal Neti Yoga Kriya daily, then it also helps in the quick recovery of the patient.

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Relief from allergy problem Jal Neti Yoga Kriya removes toxic particles from our nasal passages and sinuses, which allows air to flow easily in the body and our health is also fine. Jal neti is also effective for people who suffer from cold, cough, cold, sinusitis and respiratory allergies.

Health experts say that this yoga action not only prevents corona infection but also helps in preventing many other diseases and in curing patients. By doing this, long-lasting diseases like asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis and pulmonary tuberculosis can also be cured in a short time. Jal neti also helps in curing ear, nose and throat diseases like myopia, allergic rhinitis and tonsillitis.

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Better Yoga for Glowing Skin If you want glowing skin, then Jal Neti is very helpful in this too. Jal neti relaxes the facial muscles and makes your face glow. It is also used to reduce anger and stress.

Increases blood flow: Continuous practice of Jal Neti strengthens the digestive power and also increases the flow of blood in the body. It also boosts your immunity. It also keeps the cells of the body active.

Right way to do Jal Neti at home. Fill a jar, vessel or glass with salted water and stand straight with your feet apart.2. Place the nozzle of the jar in one part of one nostril.3. Lean forward slightly and tilt the neti pot in such a way that the salt water goes into the nose.4. Balance your body in such a way that the water poured from one part of the nose reaches the other. 5- Take out the nozzle and let the water flow through the other part of the nose. This will clear the dirt in the nasal passages.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 23, 2022, 08:50 IST



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