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Antibiotic use causes deafness, scientists find ways to avoid it


Ear cells die in some people due to antibiotic use. The antibiotic aminoglycoside binds to a protein called RIPOR2.

How to prevent hear loss: Every person has to face infection at some point in his life. In such a situation, it becomes imperative for us to take antibiotics. But excessive use of antibiotics is harmful for all of us. Due to the use of antibiotics, ear cells die in some people, due to which deafness also has to be victimized. Actually, deafness is caused by the antibiotic aminoglycoside. Due to this the ability to hear can be completely lost. Until now it was not known why the cells of the ears die due to aminoglycosides. Now scientists have figured it out. Researchers from the Indiana University School of Medicine have claimed based on their study that the effect of antibiotics causes autophagy mechanism in the cells responsible for hearing in the ear, which causes the hearing cells to die completely and eventually permanently. The hearing capacity of a person is lost.

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According to the news of HT, this study has been published in the journal Development Cell. The researchers described how they discovered the autophagy mechanism caused by aminoglycosides. Aminoglycosides is a drug of the antibiotic family. Researchers developed a lab model for this. The deafness caused by the effects of aminoglycosides was prevented during the experiment on this model. Lead researcher noble surgeon Professor Bo Zhou said that after this discovery, treatment of thousands of people who have lost their hearing due to aminoglycoside will be possible. He told that the main cause of hearing loss is autotoxicity which is due to medicines.

A protein responsible for hearing loss has been treated with aminoglycoside antibiotics for nearly a century, researchers said. This medicine is cheap, due to which it is used a lot in developing countries. But in about 20 to 40 percent of patients, hearing cells in the ears die due to this medicine. Because of this, sometimes the ability to hear is completely lost. Researchers found in their study that autophagy mechanism is responsible for this. Actually, in this mechanism the aminoglycoside binds to a protein named RIPOR2. This protein is extremely important for hearing. Researchers made two models of mice for this and developed it in the usual way. After this, the protein named RIPOR2 was rapidly reduced in it. Now when there was an infection in it, a dose of aminoglycoside was given. After this, it was seen that neither the ear cells were damaged nor the hearing loss was lost in the rats.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 28, 2022, 16:24 IST



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