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Apply Moroccan mehndi this time on Eid, hands will look so beautiful that people will also ask the name of the design

Applying Mehendi in India is not limited to the wedding season only. Rather, on every big festival here, women are seen decorating their hands with henna. In this Arabic, Marwari and Indo-Arabic mehndi designs are most popular. But this time on the occasion of Eid, why not try something new? For this, you can decorate your hands with Moroccan mehndi. Mehndi is applied on every festival, it is customary to apply mehndi on every festival in Morocco. Even special henna parties are held here, in which women and girls participate. However, the reason behind this is not only its beautiful designs. Actually, there it is believed that there is baraka in mehndi.

What is Baraka? In Mehndi, Baraka means that by applying henna, evil spirits and powers can be kept away and saved from them. It is believed there that evil forces try to leave an impact on happy occasions like festivals and weddings, that is why henna is specially applied on these occasions.

There are many types of mehndi designs. Like Indian mehndi designs, Moroccan designs have also changed a lot with time. Many types of modern mix are seen in it. There are a few things, however, that make Moroccan henna designs stand out from the rest.

For example, in a mehndi design, an eye shape or a flower shape is first drawn on the hand and then the design is developed around this central pattern. On the other hand, the opposite pattern also follows. Means creating a design without any central pattern.

The most popular Moroccan mehndi design is Fashi. Geometric patterns are used in this. Along with this, a mix of floral patterns is also made by mixing them with fancy ones. It also looks very beautiful after applying it on the hands.

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