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Are your creatinine levels going down? Liver problems may increase, know the symptoms


May decrease muscle mass May cause low creatinine level May cause liver infection May feel weak

Creatinine Level: When our body uses amino acids, then creatine is used as energy. But creatinine is flushed out as a waste material. If you are feeling any problem with the muscles or in the liver, then you should get the creatinine level tested. Even when the mass of your muscles decreases, you can still see this problem. Sometimes this problem can come for some time during pregnancy. You can know about it only by its symptoms. So let’s know about the symptoms of low creatinine level.

According to the health line, the mass of your muscles will always be less than before. Due to this you will not be able to stay strong, you will have difficulty in exercising and your body will become weak.

Due to this, your liver can struggle with inflammation, due to which you may start feeling pain in the upper part of your stomach and can also feel tired etc.

You may feel dizzy and you may feel weakness as well as your weight also starts decreasing.

Methods of treatment First of all, the doctor will know the cause of this problem and if it is due to your lifestyle, then you will be asked to make some changes in diet and lifestyle, which will cure your problem. Apart from this, some medicines can also be suggested.

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If you want to increase the creatinine level again, then start doing light exercise and if you want, you can also consume creatinine supplements.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : October 01, 2022, 20:30 IST



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