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Are your hair turning white at a young age? Know the reason for this from the experts, preventive measures


The problem of white hair can be reduced to some extent by eating better. Sometimes some brain-related syndromes also become the reason for white hair.

How to Prevent Premature Greying: In today’s era, it has become common to have the problem of white hair at a young age. A large number of youth and adolescents are falling prey to premature greying. Gradually this problem is becoming formidable, often you must have heard that due to excessive stress, the hair turns white. There are also many misconceptions among people regarding white hair. Today, let us know from the doctor that what is the main reason for graying of hair at a young age and how it can be prevented.

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Know the reason for premature graying of hair

According to Dr. Yugal Rajput, Dermatologist at GSVM Medical College (Kanpur), there are three main reasons for premature graying of hair. The biggest reason is the lack of vitamin B12 in the body. The second reason is thyroid problems and the third reason is neurocutaneous syndrome. If we do not include things rich in vitamin B12 in our diet, then its deficiency can lead to gray hair. Your hair turns white faster as your thyroid grows. Apart from this, some brain-related syndromes become the cause of your trouble. No proven research has come to the fore about whether stress is related to white hair. There is a misunderstanding in the minds of people about stress.

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How to get rid of the problem of white hair?

Dr. Yugal Rajput says that to avoid the problem of white hair at an early age, you need to take care of food and drink. You should include foods containing vitamin B12 in the diet, so that you can make up for its deficiency. Whole grains and eggs are considered to be the best sources. Apart from this, products with more chemicals should not be applied in the hair. This also causes damage to the hair and sometimes the hair starts turning white. Some people keep changing their hair color very quickly, which can cause the problem of white hair.

What is white hair treatment?

According to the doctor, if there is a problem of white hair, a dermatologist should be contacted. The exact cause of this problem will be known only after doing some tests. Based on this, the doctor can give treatment of medicines, lotions or shampoos. If there is a thyroid problem, then it will have to be treated. Overall, instead of home remedies, you should consult an expert.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : July 21, 2022, 10:02 IST


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