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Arjun’s bark is a boon for cholesterol patients, if you consume it like this, you will get double benefit


Arjuna bark has healing properties which are good for the heart. Cholesterol can be maintained by regular consumption of Arjun bark.

Terminalia Arjuna Bark for Cholesterol: In Ayurveda, the bark of Arjuna is said to be full of excellent medicinal properties. Its bark is used in the form of many medicines, but did you know that beta-sitosterol, ellagic acid, trihydroxy triterpene, mono carboxylic acid are found in arjuna tree. Which is helpful in preventing breast cancer, diabetes and obesity. Nowadays, cholesterol is increasing in most of the people which can be fatal for the heart. Arjuna bark is found to be hypolipidemic, which controls the LDL cholesterol level in the body. The consumption of arjuna bark increases good cholesterol in the body and reduces the level of bad cholesterol, it also controls hypertension by reducing the extra fat of the body. Let us know today how Arjuna’s bark is a boon for cholesterol patients.

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How effective is Arjun’s bark in high cholesterol, according to Healthline.com, Arjun’s bark is considered a very effective medicine for cholesterol patients. Regular use of Arjun bark can eliminate all serious heart related problems like cholesterol, triglyceride and blood pressure. Arjun bark rich in medicinal properties should be consumed in the form of tea or decoction in high cholesterol, which increases the body. Cholesterol level is controlled and weight is also reduced.

Use of Arjun bark to reduce cholesterol: Take 100 grams of Arjun bark and cook it well in 500 ml water and then filter it and drink it. This reduces the increased cholesterol in the blood, purifies the blood and also controls the blood pressure. If you take it regularly, then you get to see many benefits from it, it controls the cholesterol, which maintains the cholesterol level in your body and it also prevents diseases like cancer.

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Other benefits of Arjun bark Arjun bark has many benefits such as it is beneficial for heart patients, strengthens bones, removes blood problems, is also very beneficial for hair and mouth ulcers. And also controls blood pressure.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : October 25, 2022, 01:35 IST



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