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Armpit sweating and smell will not bother you in summer, Dr. Kiran told the way

Sweating is the biggest headache of the summer season. No matter how nice clothes you wear, but this sweat doesn’t leave you anywhere worth raising your hand. This problem especially comes as a disaster for those people, who have a lot of sweating. Don’t know what tricks people adopt to deal with this situation, but there is no guarantee of their success. In such a situation, some tips given by Dr. Kiran Sethi can be very useful. (Photo Credits: istock, Instagram @drkiransays) Why do you sweat profusely?

Dr. Kiran in her Instagram post explained about excessive sweating and ways to deal with it. He shared that excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis in the medical term. This situation can happen due to two reasons. Firstly, excessive sweating on the body naturally and secondly, excessive sweating due to external conditions.

What happens in case of hyperhidrosis?

Sometimes hyperhidrosis affects a particular part of the body more, which means that area sweats more than other parts. The most common body parts in this are the underarms. Apart from this, there can be a problem of excessive sweating on the hands and feet as well.

Doctor told how to get rid of sweating of underarms, apply these deodorants

This whole situation can cause a lot of embarrassment. Many times, affecting the self-confidence, it also affects the normal life. To avoid such situation, Dr. Kiran advised to use antiperspirant deodorant.

In this, he described minerals based and arrowroot powder based deodorants as the best option. He suggested using these antiperspirants twice a day.

This treatment will reduce sweating

Dr. Kiran also told about some treatments, which can reduce the problem of excessive sweating. He informed that people suffering from hyperhidrosis can also take botox and radio frequency treatment. At the same time, he advised to use benzol based wash to wash the armpits, which will help in reducing the smell of sweat. (Photo Credits: Pexels)

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(Disclaimer: NBT does not confirm the effectiveness of the above tips. This article is for general information only. Do take medical advice for any skin related problem or treatment.)

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