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As soon as you wake up in the morning, people with diabetes should eat 2 soaked walnuts, the sugar level will naturally decrease.

Whenever it comes to improving health, the first name comes from dry fruits. Dry fruits and seeds are such food items through which you not only get many nutrients. But it also keeps you energized the whole time. The most special of these dry fruits are walnuts, they are also called brain food. But it is beneficial not only for the brain but for your overall health, says some research, not us. At the same time, research even says that the consumption of walnuts is beneficial in managing diseases like diabetes. For this, you should eat walnuts soaked. Let us know how soaked walnuts can manage your diabetes. Soaked walnuts are more beneficial

According to experts, consuming soaked walnuts can be beneficial for health. It is said that there are some elements inside dry fruits and seeds which become difficult to digest when eaten raw. Whereas by soaking them and eating them, the body digests them easily. Also, there is a misconception among people that soaking walnuts and eating it changes its nutrients. Let me tell you this is a complete lie. Keeping them soaked does not change in any way.

Benefits of soaked walnuts in diabetes

According to experts, daily consumption of soaked walnuts makes it easier to control type 2 diabetes. Let us tell you that it contains fiber which controls the level of blood sugar. Due to which there is no spike of sugar. Apart from this, walnuts also have only 15 glycemic index which can be a good option for afternoon snack for diabetic patients. Apart from this, soaked walnuts also help insulin to work better.

Some other benefits of walnuts

Apart from diabetes, the benefits of walnuts are seen in many ways on health. Let us tell you that walnuts contain healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids that control cholesterol, due to which heart disease can be free. Apart from this, walnuts also contain natural oil which is good for your skin and hair. Not only this, according to the famous nutritionist Nilanjana Singh, the consumption of walnuts can also reduce inflammation and it also protects against the risk of cancer.

‘Chillian Walnut’ is the best in the world

According to Chilean Ambassador HE Juan Angolo, Chilean walnuts are considered the best in the world. The reason for this is their light color and staying fresh for a long time. Recently, a campaign is also being run to increase the production of Chillian nut in India. After this it is expected that people will start consuming walnuts more in India.

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