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Asafoetida removes swelling in the respiratory tract, its consumption will also control BP, know the benefits

Benefits of Asafoetida: Asafoetida is one of the most important spices in the kitchen of Indian households. Without the tempering of asafoetida, neither the lentils taste better nor the vegetables. Tadka like asafoetida and cumin seeds make even tasteless food full of taste. It would not be wrong to call asafoetida the queen of spices, but one thing that is most noteworthy is that this queen of Indian spices is also an infallible medicine. Consumption of asafoetida in home remedies is beneficial in many diseases. According to Ayurveda, asafoetida is a latex, which is called asafetida in English. It is known to all that asafoetida is used to remove problems like stomach pain, vomiting and constipation. Apart from this, asafoetida corrects the swelling in the respiratory tract, so it also proves to be very effective in controlling blood pressure.

Asafoetida gives benefit in inflammation of the respiratory tract

People who have any problem related to breathing, they must use asafetida in food. Asafoetida has anti-bacterial properties, so it benefits those with asthma and bronchitis. If you have a cough with phlegm and it is causing difficulty in breathing, then asafoetida is very useful for you. Actually, there is a problem of inflammation or irritation in the respiratory tract due to the accumulation of viruses, bacteria or other particles in the wind pipe, in medical language it is known as bronchitis. People who have the problem of inflammation in the respiratory tract, they find it difficult to breathe, phlegm accumulates in the throat. The problem of inflammation in the respiratory tract can persist for three weeks to three months.

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BP controls

Asafoetida acts as a natural blood thinner, which helps in controlling blood pressure. It also improves blood flow in the body and prevents blood clotting.

Treat stomach with asafoetida

Indigestion and constipation are not caused by using asafetida in food, so if you have a problem of constipation, then take asafetida. If there is pain in the stomach, then taking asafetida with black salt and carom seeds ends stomachache. If you are troubled by the problem of gas, then asafetida can be consumed. By heating asafetida with water and compressing the stomach, pain and gas problems are removed. Roasting asafetida and eating it with jaggery also reduces the problem of gas. If there is a problem of constipation, then take asafetida with sweet soda before sleeping at night, it clears the stomach.

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useful for skin

Asafoetida has anti-inflammatory property, so it is used to remove skin related problems. Applying asafoetida on burning sensation in the skin provides coolness and provides relief in burning sensation.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : June 24, 2022, 20:00 IST


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