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Blood sugar increased during the festival season, control in these ways

Blood Sugar: It is difficult to imagine the festival season without sweets. Whether it is about Diwali, or the festivals that come immediately after Diwali, sweets are prepared on every festival. However, too much sweets can raise your blood sugar level. In such a situation, increasing blood sugar can also increase your diabetes, which can be worrisome for you. In such a situation, you can take some measures, so that even after eating sweets, you are not at risk of getting diabetes, as well as your blood sugar level remains under control. So let’s know about these simple methods-

be active regularly

Being active regularly proves to be overall healthy for you. Actually, being active keeps the level of insulin in the body right, which is helpful in keeping the level of blood sugar stable. Along with this, exercise is also beneficial in reducing stress.

have a balanced diet

Eating a balanced diet is very important to stay healthy. To control diabetes, you can consume broccoli, cucumber, green salad, carrots, tomatoes, legumes, berries, citrus fruits, low-fat dairy products, chicken or fish etc.

herbal tea intake

Keeping the body hydrated is also a better way to control blood sugar level. For this you can take herbal tea. This not only controls the sugar level, but also gives a feeling of freshness and energy. Also, you must keep in touch with your doctor and keep taking advice.

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