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Breast Cancer Risk: To reduce the risk of breast cancer, keep these 4 things in mind


Lumps in the breast can be the first sign of breast cancer. Breast cancer can be avoided by lifestyle changes.

Treatment Of Breast cancer: The cases of breast cancer are increasing continuously. If you want to avoid this then you have to follow a healthy lifestyle. To prevent breast cancer from growing, healthy food should be included in your diet. Breast cancer can be prevented by making changes in your lifestyle. All women should keep checking their breasts from time to time. If there is any change in the breast, such as a change in the skin or a lump is felt, then consult a doctor immediately. Find out from your doctor when to have a screening or mammogram. Women are more affected by breast cancer, but men also fall prey to it. To avoid this, everyone should take care of some things. With awareness people can protect themselves. Know some safety tips.

Do not consume alcohol According to MayoClinic, the more alcohol is consumed, the greater the risk of breast cancer. To reduce breast cancer, alcohol should be given up or its consumption should be minimized. Doing this will reduce the risk of breast cancer.

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Keep weight under control, don’t let obesity get on your body. Keep your body weight healthy. If your body is overweight then you need to lose weight. You can consult a doctor to reduce the weight. Weight can be reduced by making changes in the food consumed every day.

Breastfeeding Breastfeeding can play an important role in the prevention of breast cancer. The longer you breastfeed, the greater the protective effect on breast cancer.

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Avoid post menopausal hormone therapyPost menopausal hormone therapy may increase the risk of breast cancer. Your doctor should be consulted regarding its harm and benefits. Cancer can be prevented by taking a healthy diet. Along with cancer, the risk of sugar heart disease and stroke is also reduced. Women who eat nuts mixed with olive oil may reduce the risk of breast cancer. Maintaining a healthy weight is also an important part of breast cancer prevention.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 02, 2022, 10:35 IST

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