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Can Artificial Sweeteners Cause Heart Attack? Knowing that you will press your fingers under your teeth


Taking artificial sweeteners in high amounts also increases the risk of stroke. It is added to many soft drinks, sodas, snacks and other fast foods.

Artificial Sweeteners And Heart Disease: Cases of heart attack are increasing rapidly in the country. In the last few weeks, many such videos have come to the fore in which people have been hit by heart attack while dancing or during the gym. Some people even died. People of all ages are at risk of heart disease these days. Young people are also coming under its grip fast. Meanwhile, a study has come out, in which a big disclosure has been made about heart disease. It has been told that the artificial sweeteners used in the food items that people are eating in today’s era are proving to be very harmful for heart health. Due to this the risk of heart attack is also increasing rapidly.

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According to the report of Healthline, a recent study has found that artificial sweeteners added to soft drinks, snacks, dairy products and other foods increase the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease manifold. Those who do not consume them, their heart health is better. This study was done by researchers from France. It has been said that taking artificial sweeteners in high amounts also increases the risk of stroke. Earlier, it has also been revealed in many studies that diabetic patients should also stay away from artificial sweeteners.

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How much does the risk increase? Researchers followed the diet and artificial sweetener intake of more than one lakh people involved in this study for 9 years. It found that people who consumed high amounts of artificial sweeteners had an increased risk of cardiovascular disease by 9 percent and stroke risk by 18% compared to other people. Researchers say that about 37% of the people involved in the study had consumed artificial sweetener in some way or the other. It is added to all soft drinks, sodas, snacks and other fast food and people consume it.

Tips to keep heart healthy – Control your blood pressure and weight – Stay away from junk food and sugary drinks – It is important to exercise every day – Brisk walking is very beneficial – Get regular health checkups – Keep away from smoking and alcohol – Healthy and eat fresh foods

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 12, 2022, 06:02 IST



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