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Can breast cancer also occur due to increasing age? Know its risk factor


The risk of breast cancer increases in women after the age of 50. Lumps in the breast and red nipples are a sign of breast cancer.

Risk Factors of Breast Cancer: According to many health experts, breast cancer is the most common problem among women. Every year lakhs of women are affected by breast cancer. This is a very serious condition in which the life of the person remains in danger. In some cases of breast cancer, many specific symptoms are not seen, but in most breast cancer chest pain, lump and small pimple can also be felt. Breast cancer infects the milk-producing glands in the chest of women, due to which the chest wall starts coming out, due to which the size of the breast starts changing abnormally. There are many types of breast cancer, for which it is important to know its causes and symptoms. Let us know, some important things about breast cancer.

due to breast cancer

According to WebMD, doctors and health experts do not yet know the exact cause of breast cancer, but some of the common symptoms of breast cancer in women are as follows. Increasing age, genetic factors i.e. breast cancer has happened to someone in your family, lifestyle and diet or chronic bad medical condition.

breast cancer risk factors

Age: The risk of breast cancer increases with increasing age. According to experts, after the age of 50, most women may have a problem of breast cancer. That’s why keep getting regular checkups and tests done.

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Dense breast: Connective tissue instead of fatty tissue is present in the breast of women, due to which the risk of cancer is highest. Due to the connective tissues, cancer is not detected in time.

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Family history: The risk of breast cancer is highest among women or 3 times that of other women, whose biological mother has been suffering from breast cancer.

Common symptoms of breast cancer

– Elevation or lump of skin in or around breast, underarm. – Discharge of blood or liquid from nipple. – Redness of breast or nipple area. – Feeling of abnormal change in breast size.

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