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Can such a cough be the reason for the new wave of corona? Keep a close eye on this symptom

The cases of Corona (Increase in Corona Cases) have started increasing rapidly. Seeing this, experts are feeling the danger of a new wave of Kovid coming very soon. That’s why you should keep a close watch on the symptoms of corona. Because, it is constantly changing. Now the researchers of Zoe Health Study have told about that symptom of corona, which is first and more visible in people. Experts worry that these symptoms of Kovid may also cause a new wave. What is the first symptom of corona? Professor Tim Spector, lead scientist of the Zoe Health Study, said that currently 1 person in every 21 has a Kovid infection. He asked people to tell the first symptoms in the survey conducted by ZOE App. In this, two types of cough were seen most common among the main 8 symptoms of corona. Dry cough

According to the survey, about 53 percent of the people described dry cough as the first symptom of corona. According to the CDC and WHO, a persistent and severe cough is the main symptom of corona. There is no mucus in this dry cough, but there is an itchy feeling in the throat. It bothers continuously for a few days.

mucus cough

Till now people were not considering cough with sputum as the main symptom of corona. But this survey has also surprised them. Because, about 45 percent of the people told that they had cough with thick mucus or phlegm due to corona. According to the NHS, if you are coughing up thick mucus, it could be a sign of a covid infection.

People told these 8 symptoms as the main

According to the ZOE Covid Study app, people in the survey described these 8 symptoms of corona as the most common.

Swelling and painful runny nose HeadacheDry coughSneezing mucus cough Change of voice When to see a doctor if coughing?

According to various experts, if you have been coughing continuously for several days, then see a doctor in these situations.

If your cough is not reducingIf you have to wake up at night due to cough Cough is getting severe Coughing shortness of breathIf your cough seems to be a symptom of Corona Increased death toll due to corona

According to the National Statistics Office, 11,699 people died in England and Wales in the week ending October 14. In which the cause of death was written as Kovid on the death certificate of 565 people. This figure is much less than last year, but has been increasing continuously for three weeks (Covid-19 cases), which is worrying.

How to protect from Corona?

Symptoms and variants of corona are changing over time. Therefore, you should keep adopting the following methods of prevention from Corona. like-

Get the Kovid vaccine at your scheduled time. Maintain a distance of 2 yards from people. Avoid direct contact with sick people. Cover your mouth and nose with a mask. Isolate if you feel sick or show possible symptoms of corona Go. Wash hands thoroughly with soap.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.



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