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Cashew almonds also fail in front of Chilgoza, weakness will go away after eating

How Much Pine Nuts Per Day: You must have read that eating cashews and almonds makes health. Cashew almonds are very beneficial for health, but even more beneficial is Chilgoza. Many people have hardly heard this name before, Chilgoza is a very beneficial seed. It is only a dry fruit, but people eat it less.

Chilgoza and its oil are used in many medicines in Ayurveda. By eating it, the body gets a lot of strength. To remove weakness and strengthen immunity, you must eat chilgoza. It should be used to bring warmth to the body in winter. Bones become strong by eating Chilgoza.

What is Chilgoza? Chilgoza is a fruit which is about 2.5 cm long and brown in color. You have to use the seed that comes out inside this fruit. On drying these seeds they turn black. When the seed is peeled, a white colored seed comes out from inside. Chilgoza seeds have a mild sweet taste in eating.

Benefits of Chilgoza

Beneficial in Asthma (Pine Seeds In Cough and Asthma)- People who have cough and asthma problems, they must use Chilgoza. Its taste is very hot. For this, grind 5-10 grams of Chilgoza kernel. Mix honey in it and eat it daily. Pine For Weakness – If you have weakness then start eating 5-6 chilgoza daily. This will remove physical weakness. Include it in your diet especially in winter. You can also feed chilgoza to children. Relief in Arthritis – Eating Chilgoza and applying oil extracted from its seeds provides relief in the pain of arthritis. With this, the problem of joint pain or body pain goes away. Keep the body warm (Pine Seeds For Heat) – In cold, you should eat Chilgoza like other dry fruits. You eat 5-6 chilgoza daily, it will bring heat in the body and the problem of cold and cold will remain away. Eating Chilgoza daily also strengthens immunity.

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