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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Daily Fatigue can be a symptom of this incurable syndrome, how to prevent it

New Delhi. It is a normal process in normal life to get tired after exercising, walking or doing some work, but if it is happening to you often then there is a need to be careful. You will be surprised to know but feeling tired or fatig can also be a symptom of an incurable disease. The special thing is that this problem occurs most of the women. In such a situation, if we consider fatigue after doing office or household work throughout the day as normal and ignore the symptoms after this, then the problem goes on increasing and women become victims of chronic fatigue syndrome. CFS is also called myalgic encephalomyelitis. At the same time, when this disease increases more, it is also known as fibromyalgia.

Renowned psychologist Dr. Nisha Khanna tells News 18 Hindi that CFS or ME can occur in any age and in women, men or children, but the most affected are women in the age group of 20 to 40 years. One reason for this is also the lifestyle of women in India. Whatever are the symptoms of this disease, they are also commonly seen in people, but it is necessary to understand here that when a problem lasts for a long time i.e. for about 6 months and starts disrupting the normal life and routine, then in that situation This could be a chronic fatigue syndrome and needs to be seen by the doctor.

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, when someone feels very tired every day and with it many other symptoms like sleeplessness, pain, stress etc., lasts for a long time and it becomes difficult to do everyday tasks, then this disease is CFS i.e. Chronic Fatigue There may be a syndrome. This disease affects more not only physically but also mentally. The biggest thing is that people keep battling with it but they are unable to identify it and keep considering it as normal fatigue.

These are the symptoms of this syndrome. Feeling tired all the time. Sleeplessness or sleep breaks in between. Headache, lingering muscle or joint pain. Swollen throat glands, sore throat. Feeling very tired after physical or mental exercise. Viral or flu symptoms. Dizziness, vomiting. unwilling to do anything, be irritable

This could be the reason Dr. Nisha Khanna tells that. Sometimes this disease can occur due to infection, especially in women, due to lack of vitamin D or thyroid. This disease can also happen due to not taking care of oneself, not paying attention to oneself, being under mental pressure, being stressed etc.. Emotional stress, talking more about diseases, Thinking too much can also be responsible for this disease.

Do these preventive measures

Dr. Nisha Khanna says that first of all people need to know that if any difficulty or problem is with you continuously and is increasing, then it cannot be a part of normal life. This is some kind of disease and it is chronic. Since this disease is such that it can be caused by both mental and physical health problems, it is necessary to keep oneself physically and mentally fit to prevent it. For this, exercise daily, talk to people. Pay attention to the changes coming in yourself and if they are seen growing or affecting the lifestyle, then contact a health specialist immediately. Do not take long-lasting fatigue as normal. If you are getting affected by this disease, then take the help of counseling. Therapy and medication can also provide relief in treating its symptoms.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : May 12, 2022, 12:29 IST


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