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Clean the baby’s milk bottle in this way, diseases will remain away

Milk Bottle Cleaning: The immunity of the baby is not fully developed as it is fragile. In such a situation, elders have to be careful so that the baby can be protected from diseases and infections. In such a situation, it is very important to wash and sterilize the milk bottle of small children, otherwise there can be a lot of damage to the health of the children. According to experts, it is necessary to clean and sterilize the bottle and screw cap after every bottle feeding until the child is one year old. Actually, children are not strong enough to fight many types of infections. At the same time, bacteria grow very quickly in milk. In such a situation, if you feed the baby with a bottle, then you should take special care of some things. Here we are telling you how to clean the bottle.

How to clean milk bottle

To clean the milk bottle, first clean it thoroughly with a bottle brush. Separate the milk accumulated in the hole with the help of a teat bottle brush. Mix dish washing detergent in hot water. Now add hot water and dish washing detergent to it and stir. After that wash off with clean water.

Boiling Method

Take water in a big pan and put all the parts of the teats and bottle in it. Now let the water come to a boil and let it boil for 5 minutes. Let all the parts cool down in the pan itself. Now put them in a vessel and keep it in the fridge for 24 hours. Use it after that.

Sterilize Method

To clean the milk bottle with the sterilizing method, place all the parts of the bottle in the sterilizer and add water as directed. If you are using microwave sterilizer, put the sterilizer in the microwave and turn it on. After this, store all the parts in a container in the refrigerator. Now wash and use.

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