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Do not forget to sleep in this position, otherwise the condition can spoil the spine.

Sleeping Position: Along with good lifestyle and diet, good and deep sleep is also necessary for a healthy body. If you are not able to take good and deep sleep, then many types of problems start happening in the body. Not sleeping in the right position may be the reason behind not getting enough sleep for many people. If you are not in the right position, then you do not get good and sound sleep. Along with this, due to not correct sleeping position, there is a risk of many problems in the body. Let us know what is the effect on health due to not being in the right position?

In which position is it useless?

sleeping on your stomach or chest

If you sleep on your stomach or chest, then it can prove to be very harmful for your body. Actually, sleeping in this position puts more pressure on your lungs and chest cavity, due to which the person may have trouble breathing.

Not only this, if you sleep with a pillow in this position, then your spine does not get rest. Due to this, the problem of pain in neck and back also persists.

At the same time, if you sleep on your stomach, then it affects the blood flow of the body. Due to the deteriorating blood flow in the body, hands and feet start feeling numb.

fetal position

Fetal position is a position that looks like a fetus in the mother’s abdomen. Sleeping in this position has a very opposite effect on the spine. This can give you back problems. Therefore, do not make a habit of being in such a position even by mistake.

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