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Do not get entangled in only cough and fever, these 6 ‘silent’ symptoms of corona are making the condition worse

The outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic is increasing rapidly. In most countries of the world including India, the fourth wave of Corona has caused havoc. About 12 thousand new cases are being reported daily in the country. In the last one week, the number of new cases has reached close to one lakh. Of course, during the fourth wave, there are not so many severe symptoms of corona, but this time the variants of corona found like Omicron have the ability to spread the infection rapidly. Changing the variants of corona has also led to a rapid change in its symptoms. . Now only cough or fever are no longer symptoms of corona. Corona virus is affecting every part of the body and this is the reason why strange symptoms are also being seen in patients. It is a matter of concern that some symptoms are bothering the patients for a few days, not weeks, but even months or years after recovery.

Common symptoms of corona include fever, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose, loss of smell, and stomach problems. But there are also some silent symptoms, which are not known to everyone. Unfortunately, these symptoms are similar to common diseases, due to which it is not possible to identify and treat them in time.

Corona virus is affecting all parts of the body. Patients are feeling symptoms like weakness even after recovery. Dizziness can be a serious symptom of corona. Experts believe that in this, when patients stand to walk, they fall and injure themselves badly.

be sad and worried

According to a Kaiser Health report, the coronavirus can cause symptoms such as apathy or anxiety in people. These symptoms can be seen more in people who are not getting as much help from family members for other essential needs, or who are far away.

loss of thinking ability

The corona virus is having a profound effect on the brain, especially in the elderly. People suffering from corona may have problems with thinking and understanding or other brain related problems. If you have corona, then this symptom can bother you for a long time. It is better that you try to solve this issue by meeting with a better doctor.

lack of appetite

Loss of appetite is undoubtedly a sign of many health problems, but this symptom is seen in patients when they have corona. In fact, the corona virus weakens the immune system, due to which patients do not feel hungry. This is the reason why experts are advising to take a healthy diet and try other ways to strengthen the immune system.

sleep too much

If someone in your family is sleeping more than usual, it could be an unusual symptom of the corona virus. With this, Lausanne Hospital in Switzerland researched the symptoms in patients of corona. He found that people suffering from corona feel very tired and lethargic.

be confused or disoriented

A Kaiser Health report states that people suffering from corona may have many brain problems, including being confused or distracted. Especially this symptom can be seen more in the elderly.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.


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