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Do you also feel that the baby’s stomach is not full? Know its reason and remedy

Baby Feeling Hungry – The things that are included in the routine of young children are habits like eating, drinking and playing. It is the wish of every parent that the child should eat, play and be happy. If the child eats the food properly, then the great worry of the parents is reduced. On the contrary, if the child feels hungry throughout the day and shows a desire to eat something in a short time, then many times the parents are upset considering it as a problem.

According to Healthline, it is not actually a disease, but there can be many common reasons behind it. As the child grows up, it is natural for them to feel more hungry than before, because the need for nutrition in the child’s body also increases continuously for the development of the body. If this hunger starts feeling excessive, then parents must consider the reason for this.

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While teething, if the new teeth of the baby are starting to come out, then chewing helps in the swollen and hard gums. By sucking, the baby gets relief in the gums, so he tries to chew and suck something or the other all the time.

To get comfort, sometimes it is understood that due to the mischief of the child or his crying, it is understood that he is hungry, but often this is the reason, it is not necessary. Some children also like to drink milk to get relief. To feel relaxed, they prefer to feed breast even when they are not hungry. Some children find it easier to sleep or relax by doing this.

Anxiety The problem of anxiety is also becoming common in children. This problem is not only for children, but adults also enjoy chewing something loudly in the state of anxiety. This helps them to remain calm. If the child constantly tries to chew or eat something, then in such a situation, massage can be done to give him relief.

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Acid Reflux Many times the child feels hungry due to acid reflux, but feeding the child feeling hungry again and again can make their condition worse. To deal with this situation, it is considered better to meet the doctor and proceed on the basis of his advice.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : June 25, 2022, 13:15 IST


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