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Does water also become stale and cause damage? here is the answer of your question

Left out water at night: While sleeping at night, all of us fill water in a glass or bottle and keep it near our bed. So that this water can be consumed when you feel thirsty at night. This is a good practice, which we have learned from our older generations. But one lesson of the elderly, which most of the urban people have forgotten, is not to consume water kept overnight.

In the old times, the water that was kept at night (Stale water), the remaining water from it was not used for drinking the next day, but was thrown into the trees and plants. Most of the people in the villages still follow this rule but the people of the city have forgotten it. However, forgetting or not following this rule is also a compulsion of the people of the city. Because here most of the time only stored water is available for drinking. This is a big reason why the immunity power of the people of the city is becoming very weak as compared to the people of the villages.

Why should we not drink water kept overnight?

When water comes in contact with air and is kept for more than two hours, then carbon dioxide starts reacting with this water and this lowers the pH level of the water.

After this chemical reaction, the composition of the water also changes and the taste of the water also changes to some extent. In such a situation, everyone’s body can react differently to this water. Some may see the problem after some time and some after a long time.

Water kept overnight is exposed to bacteria and dust. Especially if it is kept in a glass or jug. In such a situation, it works to increase the pollutants in your body.

How to store water at night?

Everyone knows about copper utensils. This vessel works to enhance the quality of water. You keep water in a copper vessel or bottle to drink at night. The properties of copper also work to remove impurities found in water. Keep in mind that drinking water kept overnight in a copper vessel is beneficial only on an empty stomach. If you drink it throughout the day, the digestion may get worse instead of getting better. The bottle water you use, try to maintain the hygiene and water quality of that bottle. Do not touch the bottle with dirty hands and do not leave the water open.

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