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Does your child have frequent colds and coughs? Could be these 4 reasons

Kids Cold Cough Problem: As children grow up a little, they start bothering with cold and cold. Especially after 2 years, children start getting a lot of cold and cold. Frequent sneezing causes bad condition of children. In winter, children start having sleep problems. Sometimes there is difficulty in breathing, due to which the child is unable to sleep the whole night. There is a lack of energy and fatigue in the body. This has a bad effect on the lifestyle. Many times we start treating it as a common cold, but if this happens again and again with the child, then it can also be due to these reasons.

due to frequent colds

Weak Immunity- If your child falls ill frequently and keeps getting seasonal flu or cold, then it can also be related to immunity. If the child is getting cold and cough when the weather changes, then it is a symptom of weak immunity. For this it is necessary to feed immunity booster things to the child. Make the child lick ginger and honey daily and keep away from cold things. Allergies- Frequent cold, runny nose, watery eyes can also be due to allergic rhinitis. If the child has this problem very early, then show the doctor at the time of illness. It could be an allergy. If treatment is not taken on time then it can become very high. Try to keep away from anything that the child is allergic to. Try to give steam to the child every night. Genetic – If someone in the house has allergies. If the child’s parents or grandparents have allergies, then it can happen to the child too. If someone in the family has asthma, then its symptoms can also come in the child. For this, it is important to keep getting tested in case of cough and cold. Seasonal flu- When the weather changes, the problem of seasonal flu and viral also starts. Children are the most affected by this. This problem gets worse in winter. Not wearing warm clothes properly, overeating junk food, not taking care of cleanliness and avoiding seasonal green vegetables can also be the reason for this.

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