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Drinking more lime juice can cause many health problems, know about them


Drinking too much lemon water causes blisters inside the mouth. Lemon water absorbs iron.

Side Effects Of Lime Juice: People drink lemonade to remove the heat in the summer season. Lemonade is full of freshness, but consuming too much of it can harm our health. Acids are found in lemon, which can damage the enamel of our teeth. Consuming it every day causes more harm, such as the problem of ulcers in the mouth or the problem of heartburn can increase. Some research has also said that consuming more lime water can react with other elements such as calcium, but this is not fully proven. In such a situation, drink lemonade but do not drink too much.

Disadvantages of drinking more lemonade?

May aggravate mouth ulcers According to Stylecraze, we get ulcers inside our mouth. They are called canker sores. Lemon water contains citric acid, which can make those wounds worse. If you have these blisters, then do not consume citrus fruits for a few days and avoid drinking lemonade.

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May increase the problem of heartburn Pepsin present in lemon water accelerates the enzyme. The job of the enzyme pepsin is to digest food in our stomach, which breaks down the food into proteins. Lemon juice activates the pepsin compound by making the digestive juices flow in the stomach, which causes problems like heartburn.

Frequent urination Lemon juice is used to increase urination, but by consuming too much of it, it can deprive our body of water. Lemon juice removes excess water from your body.

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Vitamin C is found in lemon juice, due to which it absorbs iron from our body by consuming more. It works to promote diseases like anemia and also boosts immunity.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 29, 2022, 02:45 IST



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