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Drinking tea in Kulhad is beneficial for health in many ways, know how


Drinking tea in kulhad keeps the problem of gas formation in the stomach away. Kulhad is a chemical free product which is also good for the environment.

Health Benefits Of Kulhad Chai: The fun of drinking tea in a kulhad made of clay during the winter season is something else. Not only in villages, now Kulhad tea is becoming quite popular in cities as well. These kulhads, which are found in many railway stations and rural homes, are now becoming the pride of big malls and shops. When tea is served in an earthen kulhad, it has a distinct pungent aroma which enhances the taste even more. But the question arises in the minds of many people whether they are harming our health. So let us tell you that drinking tea in kulhad did not harm in any way. While they only benefit our health. According to Slurp, this is an eco-friendly product that helps in keeping away even the problem of acidity in the stomach after drinking tea. So let us know what are the other benefits of drinking tea in kulhad.

benefits of drinking tea in kulhad

Prevention of infectionWhen you drink tea in a plastic or glass glass at a tea shop, it does not wash well and different people keep using them. Whereas the kulhad is used only once. In this way, it keeps the problem of infection away.

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Alkaline is found in the gas kept in the gas, which does not allow acid to form in the stomach, due to which there is no problem of gas after drinking tea. In this way, after drinking tea, you do not have to worry about sour belching, digestion related problems.

Chemical free product Many times we drink hot tea in a foam cup or plastic cup, due to which the effect of the chemical can come in the tea. But when you drink tea in this kulhad made of clay, it keeps us away from chemicals due to it being eco-friendly and chemical free.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 02, 2022, 16:51 IST



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