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‘Drug from the sky’ program started, for the first time supply of medicines by drone

First Flight Of Drone for Medicine Supply: Drone medicine supply program was successfully launched by Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu. Now, even in remote states and villages located in forest areas of Arunachal Pradesh, medicines can be easily delivered through drones. This is the first such effort in India, in which drones have been used for the delivery of medicines. This launch by Chief Minister Pema Khandu was a complete success and now it will soon be launched in Arunachal Pradesh as a service program. The special thing is that indigenous drones have been used in this program and even further drones manufactured in the country will be used.

According to the information received, in Arunachal Pradesh, the first flight service of medicine supply by drone has been started in East Kameng district. Where the ‘Drug from the Sky’ service program from Seppa to Chiang Tajo has been successfully launched. After the successful launch of this program, expectations have increased that now drones can be used to deliver medicines on time even in remote areas and troubled areas.

On this occasion, the Chief Minister while praising the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that these drone services have been started in the state under the guidance of the Prime Minister who has given the vision of making India a drone hub of the world. The government of Arunachal Pradesh will also conduct pilot projects to use drones for essential purposes like agriculture, disaster management, health services.

Chief Minister Khandu also mentioned about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s self-reliant India mission. He said, ‘We are committed to take additional steps with speed and strength to fulfill the Prime Minister’s goal of self-reliant India. ,

These benefits will be from this project

The supply of medicines from drones is not limited to the use of technology only. Rather it has many other meanings. like…

Early contact with remote areas, timely help, emotional connection towards people, emergency health treatment and investigation will be enabled, if the service starts in other districts in the near future, then mutual harmony will increase.

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