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Eliminate the habit of biting nails in these 4 ways, hands will look beautiful and will also be praised

The habit of biting nails is seen in small children to many adults. Now everyone knows that by doing this, the bacteria of the hands go into the stomach through the mouth and cause many problems. But along with this, this habit also has a bad effect on self-confidence. When the nails are repeatedly bitten by the teeth, they start to look short and rough. This spoils the look of even the most beautiful hands badly. And when in such a situation, one has to shake hands with someone or because of some other reason the hands have to be taken in front, then one feels embarrassed. However, some methods can be used to get rid of this bad habit. Identify the reason

What could be the reason behind nail biting? If you also think like this, then let us tell you that many triggers can be hidden behind this small and common-seeming habit.

For example, when a person is going through a lot of stress or anxiety, their body may adopt the habit of nail biting as a reaction or to calm themselves down.

In such a case, you will see that whenever such a person passes through a stressful situation, during that time he always keeps on chewing nails with his teeth.

apply nail polish

Apply nail polish on your nails. This will stop you in two ways. First: you will restrain yourself from moving the nails towards the mouth keeping the look in mind. Second: nail polish tastes bitter, so you’ll avoid biting. If you are male, you can use transparent nail polish.

keep nails short

Keep your nails short and trim them regularly. Keeping nails short will prevent you from biting them, as nail biting in this condition increases the risk of injury. Anyone would like to avoid this pain.

nail extensions

Different types of materials are used for nail extensions. They are hard and expensive too. Both of these things together will help you stop biting your nails.

By the way, if you want, you can also take the help of nail art. You would not want to spoil the beautiful design made on long nails with your teeth.

These methods will also work. Some people have the habit of biting the nails of only one particular finger. In such a situation, a band-aid can be applied on it. Whenever there is a strong urge to chew nails, during that time put a bubblegum in the mouth and keep chewing it. Manicure keeps the nails clean and trimmed. It also gives a clean look to the hands. You will stop yourself from biting nails after seeing beautiful manicured hands. Take help of people around you and ask them to stop you when you start biting nails. If you feel that nail biting is due to some mental or emotional If it is due to a situation/trigger, do not hesitate to seek expert help.

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(Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot be a substitute for any medicine or treatment in any way. Always consult your doctor for more details.)

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