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Entry of new dangerous virus in the world! The name is Khosta, the scientist got tensed

Khosta-2 Virus Threat: The infection of Kovid started in China in the last of 2019 and by the early months of the year 2020, it engulfed the whole world. The situation became such that in March 2020, the whole world went towards lockdown. It was during the time of Corona that scientists came to know about another virus, which, like Corona, occurs in wild animals like bats, pangolins, dogs and pigs. Its name is Khosta-2. During research on the corona, many information came out about it, but at that time scientists did not take this virus seriously because no such symptoms were being found in it, so that it can be believed that it can affect humans. Hence it was not given much attention.

But in a recent research conducted in Khosta-2 in Russia, a frightening thing has come to the fore. Because in this research it has become clear that Khosta-2 virus can infect humans, but it has also become clear that no vaccine of corona is effective in stopping this virus. However, Khosta-2 is a virus of the corona family itself and like the corona, it attacks the cells of the body first. But Kovid vaccines are not effective on its infection capacity and deadly attack.

This research has been done in Russia and has been published in the journal Close Pathogens. It states that the virus is equally harmful for the body of those who have got the Kovid vaccine, as it is for those who do not get the vaccine. However, so far all the viruses of the SARS Kovid-2 family have been reported, such as Delta, Omicron etc. The vaccine has reduced the risk of all these. But this does not apply to Khosta-2 virus, even though it is also a virus of SARS-Covid-2 family.

Why didn’t scientists pay attention?

For the first time in the year 2020, the Khosta-2 virus was detected. This was the time of corona virus infection and new viruses were coming out one after the other. But scientists did not pay attention to Khosta-2 because at first no symptoms were found in it that it can infect humans. Secondly, there is also Khosta-1 virus, which does not infect humans. However, in the latest research, it has become completely clear that Khosta-2 can infect humans.

How does Khosta-2 spread? Khosta-2 virus is currently spreading in wild animals like bats, pangolins, raccoons and dogs. No such case has been reported in which Khosta-2 virus infection has been confirmed in humans. But Michael Letko, associated with the research, says that this virus can take the form of an epidemic in the future. Especially if it reaches humans together with the Kovid virus, then it can prove to be very deadly.

What is being done for protection? Scientists have already started making vaccines to protect against Khosta virus. In fact, instead of developing the vaccine keeping only Khosta-2 in focus, now scientists are making such a vaccine, which can save human life from SARS-CoV-2 family (SARS-CoV-2) and all viruses like this.

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