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Excess exercise is dangerous for health, week can be immunity


Exercising too much can lead to sleeplessness. Exercising excessively causes more damage to the body.

Excessive Exercise Side Effects: Sweating in the gym is considered good for health, but excessive exercise can also harm health. Exercise is done to keep the body fit and fine, not to tire and harm the body. Exercising excessively can lead to problems like sleeplessness, heart problems and loss of appetite. Before exercising, it is important to pay attention to the need and capacity of the body. A time limit should be set for exercise, so that the body can be saved from harm. Know what problems can be caused by excessive exercise.

Stretching and pain in muscles: Exercising excessively according to the healthline can cause strain and pain in the body muscles. By doing high intensity exercise, the body muscles are fully activated, in such a situation, over-workout can cause more strain in the muscles. Putting more pressure on the body also increases the risk of pain or injury.

Feeling tired It is normal to feel tired after exercising but having fatigue and weakness throughout the day can be dangerous for the body. During exercise, more fatigue is felt when the body does not get enough carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Before exercising, it is necessary to give protein to the body to give energy. Exercise should be done according to the need of the body so that it can get its benefit.

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Loss of appetite and weight loss After a workout, the appetite is usually high, but excessive exercise can cause loss of appetite. Due to excessive exercise, hormonal changes start coming in the body, due to which the appetite decreases. OTS i.e. overtraining syndrome can cause loss of appetite, tiredness and weight loss.

When the balance of stress hormones in the body gets disturbed, the body feels stressed even while sleeping. Proper sleep is not possible due to being under stress. After exercise, the body needs recovery and due to lack of sleep, the body cannot relax. Many times, not getting enough sleep becomes the cause of fatigue, mood swings and irritability.

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It may be a week, if you feel tired or weak after doing immunity exercise, then understand that the body’s immunity is getting week. Infections and diseases can easily occur in the body when the immune system is weak. Along with exercise, it is also necessary to emphasize on increasing the immunity of the body.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 12, 2022, 22:15 IST



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