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Follow these 4 home remedies if there is a problem of indigestion, you will get instant relief


Avoid lying down immediately after eating food to avoid indigestion. Drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with water provides relief in indigestion.

Home Remedies for Indigestion: Indigestion problem has become common due to strange food nowadays. Indigestion should not be neglected as it directly affects the digestive system. To avoid dehydration, health experts recommend eating fresh home-cooked food. Indigestion is a small problem to say, but due to this you can have many stomach related problems. Indigestion, burning sensation, sour belching and abdominal pain can also occur due to poor lifestyle. Apart from this, fatty, oily and spicy foods are also a big reason for dehydration. Know about the causes of Indigestion and home remedies to get rid of it.

Major causes of Indigestion – Long standing medicines – Food poisoning – Lying down immediately after eating food – Eating oily food – Eating more spicy food

Home remedies to prevent Indigestion

Apple Cider Vinegar: According to Healthline, apple cider vinegar can be effective in providing instant relief from indigestion by triggering indigestion and its consumption is safe. Mixing a spoonful of vinegar in a cup of lukewarm water and drinking it can give relief to the stomach soon.

Ginger: Consuming ginger cures many stomach problems. Digestion is fine by eating ginger and problems like indigestion are reduced. In the problem of indigestion, use ginger as a natural remedy. You can drink ginger water by boiling ginger in water.

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Fennel Seeds: Fennel seeds are helpful in relieving stomachache in ingestion. Drinking a glass of water mixed with fennel seeds strengthens the digestion and gets rid of acidity.

Fennel: For gastrointestinal problems, boil ground fennel in a glass of water. Consuming fennel water can provide instant relief in indigestion.

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