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Follow these home remedies to get instant relief from low blood pressure and anxiety


Adequate sodium intake can solve the problem of low blood pressure. Consuming medium meals in short intervals maintains the blood pressure level. To avoid the problem of low blood pressure, reduce the consumption of alcohol.

Easy Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure: Maintaining a healthy level of blood pressure is essential for a healthy body. High or low blood pressure can become a big problem for both the body. Blood pressure between 90-60 mm Hg is considered low. It also causes problems in blood circulation and blood flow. Lack of food, lack of physical activity, infection, pregnancy or heart problems can cause low blood pressure. This low blood pressure becomes the cause of problems like heart attack, kidney failure and stroke. Symptoms such as nervousness, dizziness, inability to concentrate, weakness and fatigue indicate low blood pressure.

It is important to get rid of the problem of low blood pressure and anxiety in time, some home remedies can prove to be helpful in this. Let us know which home remedies can be helpful to get instant relief from low blood pressure and anxiety…

Home remedies beneficial for low blood pressure

Eat enough salt – According to Medical News Today.com, as it is advised to eat less salt in high blood pressure, similarly increasing salt intake in low blood pressure is considered beneficial. Salt contains sodium, which is considered an element that increases blood pressure, so adding a small amount of salt in the diet can maintain blood pressure levels.

Drink plenty of water – Apart from preventing dehydration, drinking plenty of water also helps in increasing blood volume. This extra volume regulates blood flow, which can normalize blood pressure.

Eat small food meals – Taking large or large meals together affects the stomach as well as the heart. By doing this, there may be a complaint of low blood pressure. To avoid this, eat small food meals in short intervals.

Avoid the consumption of alcohol – Drinking alcohol is the root of many problems, one of them is the problem of low blood pressure. Doctors advise to stay away from alcohol when the level of blood pressure is low, otherwise this problem can also take a fatal form.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : October 21, 2022, 11:07 IST



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