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Frequent diarrhea is also a sign of kidney failure. Learn how to save


In acute kidney failure, the kidney stops working temporarily. Pain killers, overuse of antibiotics can lead to kidney failure.

Kidney Failure Causes And Reason: Due to kidney problem, almost every part of our body can be affected. Actually, kidney is an important part of our body which works to detox our body and removes the waste materials accumulated in the body. It can be said that it acts as a filter for the blood, which works by filtering the dirt and removing it from the body. According to MayoClinic, when our kidneys do not function properly, it increases the risk of many serious diseases. The problem of kidney failure is also such a serious disease in which it stops working. In such a situation, the kidney is neither able to filter the blood nor does the work of removing waste materials. This can lead to the death of a person. In such a situation, it is important that we get all the information related to the health of our kidneys in advance and take care of ourselves.

Symptoms of kidney failure If your kidneys are not working properly, there may be decreased urination, blood with urine, shortness of breath, extreme tiredness, nausea, abnormal heartbeat, chest pain and feeling pressure, as well as some In severe cases, problems like attacks etc. are seen.

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cause of kidney failure

There are two types of kidney failure. 1. Acute kidney failure 2. Chronic kidney failure.

Causes of acute kidney failure In acute kidney failure, the kidney stops working temporarily. However, it can be completely cured with the help of treatment. Dialysis or kidney transplant is not required for its treatment. One of the most common causes of acute kidney failure is diarrhea. Due to diarrhea, water from the body comes out, due to which the kidney stops working. Apart from this, excessive use of medicines, especially pain killers, antibiotics etc. or without the knowledge of the doctor can also lead to acute kidney failure. By controlling both of these, we can reduce the risk of acute kidney failure.

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Causes of Chronic Kidney Failure In chronic kidney failure, your kidneys gradually deteriorate. This problem has become quite common nowadays which can be due to poor diet, poor lifestyle, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney stone disease, chronic laminophritis, chronic intestinal phritis etc. Kidney transplant is needed due to complete failure of kidney or has to be on dialysis for a lifetime.

These are the preventive measures for kidney failure – get urine and blood test done every year. Especially those who are patients of high BP and diabetes and kidney stone. – Do not take medicines without doctor’s advice. – Contact the doctor immediately if diarrhea occurs. – Stop smoking and alcohol consumption. Take a healthy diet. -Drink a lot of water.-Avoid processed foods. – Consume less salt. – Do not eat more spicy things.

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