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Health Podcast: How will your skin glow in winter, know winter tips from Dr. Deepali – health podcast skin glow care beauty tips cream in hindi for men natural home remedies food dr deepika nodakm

Hello friends, I am Anoop Kumar Mishra, once again in News18 Hindi’s health podcast ‘Sehat Ki Baat’ with a new issue related to your health. Today we will talk about the maintenance of the skin in the changing season. Actually, the fluctuating temperature also has a direct effect on our skin. In such a situation, the biggest question is, what are the precautions we should take with the changing weather, so that the ‘glow’ of our skin remains as before.

Today we will especially talk about the skin of men. The matter of men’s skin is because now men are also no less aware of women’s skin regarding their skin. Today, they too care about the skin as much as women. And, to make this conversation special today, Dr. Deepali Chaturvedi, a well-known Dermatologist will be present with us.

In a conversation with Dr. Deepali, we will know what is the relationship between the skin and the changing season, and what kind of precautions are necessary in this changing season? Apart from this, we will talk about how men can take care of the skin suffering from strong sunlight and polluted environment. How effective are the beauty products in the market in taking care of men’s skin.

Can men maintain the glow of their skin with beauty products made for women? The conversation will also be about those products, which show the promise of making men fair. How safe are these products to use? Lastly, we will also learn from Dr. Deepali about the tips that are effective for men to take care of their skin.

To know the answer to all these questions, listen to today’s podcast based on the conversation with Dr. Deepali Chaturvedi… How to take care of the skin of men.



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