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Health Tips: In case of liver damage, try the easy methods of Ayurvedic doctor, the cost of lakhs of hospital will be saved

In the present era, many people are victims of fatty liver. Many people understand that fatty liver occurs only in those who drink alcohol, but let us tell you that there can be not one but the reasons for this. However, we can avoid the risk of fatty liver by making changes in our lifestyle. Ayurvedic doctor Dixa Bhavsar has recently given many important information in a post regarding a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) (non-alcoholic fatty liver). In his post, he has given easy ways to get rid of this disease, by following which you can save thousands or say lakhs of bills spent in your medicine and hospitals. get relief from fatty liver without drugs

In her Instagram post, Dr Bhavsar explains that ‘NAFLD cases have increased significantly in the last few decades due to poor lifestyle, especially among young adults. I consult about 30 patients with liver problems every month. We get rid of most of them by making lifestyle modifications without spending a single penny on medicines.’ In such a situation, if you are also making rounds of hospitals and medical due to this problem, then follow this advice of Ayurvedic doctor, which we are mentioning next.

Learn from Dr. Tips to Reduce the Risk of Fatty Liver Stay Hydrated

Water plays a very important role in improving your metabolism. Without enough water it is difficult for your food molecules to break down to absorb the optimal nutrition from them. So always keep yourself hydrated.

have a meal at a fixed time

Eating on time is also one of the major causes of fatty liver in youth. Daily routines like eating anytime, not eating when you are hungry and staying on an empty stomach for a long time, should be avoided every 2 hours. If you want to get good nutrition from the healthy food you eat, then take a balanced diet during the day between 10 am and 2 pm.

Ban on non-veg, gluten and dairy

Dr. Bhavsar says that it is not easy to digest non-veg and dairy products, as it takes a lot of effort to digest these foods. Even raw food should be avoided when your liver is bad. All deep fried, fermented food which mainly consists of urad dal and black gram should also be avoided. Apart from this, distance should also be made from the consumption of refined, refined flour, packaged and sugar-rich foods. To reduce this problem, you should eat a diet of easily digestible foods like millet, cooked vegetables, rice and rice-millet based food.

Stop consuming alcohol and caffeine

Consuming alcohol and caffeine (tea and coffee) can cause more inflammation in your gut. Therefore, take herbal teas like lemongrass, CCF (coriander, cumin, fennel), hibiscus, dandelion, coriander, mint, ginger etc.

Avoid late dinner

If possible try to have dinner before sunset. If not possible, eat before 8 pm. Always choose a light dinner during the night. These include vegetable soups, rice, khichdi, pancakes (different cheeses like gram flour, ragi, jowar, etc.), bajra and vegetables are healthy dinner options.

get enough sleep

Trust me, says Dr. Sleep is a game changer in reducing the risk of fatty liver. If you sleep at the same time every day (by 10 pm is the right time to sleep), it will improve your metabolism. Sleep is also helpful in your hormonal balance, weight loss, weight gain. Lowers your stress, balances ghrelin-leptin secretion (the hunger-satiety hormone) which is important for liver health.


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