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Herbal tea can cause many harm to health, know about it

Herbal Tea: We all probably know very well that tea with milk is harmful for health. In such a situation, most experts recommend drinking herbal tea. Drinking herbal tea keeps our body healthy. But do you know that herbal tea in excess is also harmful for health. Yes, if you drink herbal tea in excess, then it can cause problems like stomach pain, poor digestion. So try not to drink herbal tea in excess. Today we will tell you about the harm caused to the body by drinking herbal tea in this article.

Herbal Tea Side Effects

effect on digestion

If your digestion is very bad, then avoid herbal tea. Especially peppermint tea increases the disturbance of digestion. Drinking herbal tea in large quantities has a very bad effect on the digestive system, as the menthol present in mint increases stomach problems.

Can cause damage in pregnancy

Pregnant women should not consume herbal tea in excess. Actually, when you drink herbal tea in excess during pregnancy, it increases the blood flow of the uterus significantly, due to which there is a risk of miscarriage. Therefore, drink herbal tea only on the advice of experts.

harmful in kidney disease

Avoid drinking herbal tea if you have kidney problems. Drinking herbal tea in excess can damage your kidneys. If you have kidney related problems, then definitely consult an expert.


Consuming too much herbal tea can cause heartburn. Actually, a lot of spices are used in herbal tea, due to which the chances of complaining of acidity and heartburn increase.

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