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How many types of raisins are there, know which color raisins benefit what?

Types Of Raisins In India: From children to elders, everyone likes raisins in nuts. Its sour sweet taste makes the mouth water. Raisins are not only delicious but they are also full of nutrients. This is one such dry fruit which is easily available in most of the homes. The taste and beauty of the dishes is enhanced by raisins. Although many people are confused about the choice of color while buying raisins. It becomes difficult to understand which color raisins to buy. Today we are telling you their benefits according to the colors of raisins and know how many types of raisins are there?

1- Black Raisins – Black raisins are prepared by drying black grapes. It is mostly used in homes. Black raisins are very beneficial for hair. This reduces the problem of hair fall. Cleans the intestines and removes skin problems.

2- Zante Currants – This is a type of black raisin which is not very sweet to eat. There is a slight tartness in this raisin. It is small in size. It helps in relieving sore throat and boosting immunity. This lowers the blood pressure.

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3- Golden Raisins – Golden Raisin is prepared from green grapes of Turkey. It is also called Sultanas Raisin. It is prepared from Thompson grapes without seeds. It is slightly smaller in shape than other raisins. It helps to control blood sugar, reduce inflammation and strengthen digestion.

4- Red Raisins- Red raisins are prepared from red colored grapes. They look very tasty to eat. This reduces the risk of diabetes. It is also beneficial for keeping teeth healthy and eyesight healthy.

5- Green Raisins – It is very tasty to eat thin and long shaped green raisins. It is prepared from green grapes. It is soft and full of fiber. Green raisins help in keeping the heart healthy and remove the problem of anemia. This improves digestion.

6- Munakka – Raisin is also a form of raisin. These are dried grapes, which are larger than raisins. There is a seed inside the raisin. Raisins are very beneficial for the stomach. This removes the problem of constipation and strengthens the bones.

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