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How to Apply Bright Lipstick to Make Thin Lips Thicker

Lipstick is one such makeup product which is commonly used by all women. It enhances the beauty of the face along with the lips. But if you have thin lips, then applying lipstick will not be very easy for you. Most women with thin lips do not carry a bold shade of lipstick in their makeup box.

But the truth is that whatever the shape and size of your lips, bold and dark shade lipstick looks good on everyone. If bold lipstick doesn’t look good on your lips, of course you won’t try it again. But if you apply bold lipstick in the right way, your lips will look plump and attractive. Let’s know the best way to apply bold lipstick on thin lips. Learn how to apply matte lipstick in winter, so that the lips never dry

Step 1: Choose a bold lipstick of your choice. If you choose a red shade lipstick, keep in mind that your lip liner should be a lighter dark shade than your lipstick. There are many bold lipsticks available in the market, which suits all skin tones.

Step 2: Trace the outer line of your lips above your natural lip line. Draw the outline in such a way that it does not look artificial. Shade the edges a bit to soften the line.

Step 3: Now take lipstick and apply it well on your lips.

Step 4: To check whether your lipstick is well blended, apply a little lipstick on the lip liner and purse your lips together.

Applying bold lipstick in this manner will make your thin lips look plump and full. Apart from this, along with the lips, the beauty of the face will also increase. Bold or bright lipstick looks beautiful even on thin lips. If you apply it properly, the lips will look plump.



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