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How to identify fake and real asafoetida

Tips To Identify Asafoetida: Asafoetida is an integral part of the kitchen of Indian homes. Asafoetida brings test even in simple food and doubles the taste of food. The most important thing about asafetida is that it is also beneficial for health, but in today’s time, fake asafoetida along with real has started being found in the market.

Most of the people mistakenly buy fake asafoetida which has no taste or aroma. So if this has ever happened to you or want to identify real and fake asafoetida, then today we are going to tell you very easy tips. By following these tips, you can easily identify real and fake.


The best way to identify real or fake asafetida is its price. Real asafoetida is very expensive and is available only in select shops. You will find fake asafoetida anywhere. Fake asafetida is less expensive than real asafetida.

color of asafoetida

You can identify asafoetida by its color. Let us tell you that the color of real asafetida is light brown. Apart from this, if you find asafetida of any other color, then understand that that asafoetida is fake.

find out by smell

If you have ever smelled real asafetida, then you would know how strong asafetida is. If a strong smell is not coming from asafoetida, then understand that asafoetida is fake.

light it up

To check the quality of asafoetida, you can burn it and see it. If asafetida is burnt then it is real and if it is not burnt then it is fake.

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