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If calcium supplements are taken at the age of less than 35, then the bones will be strong, know what the research says

Calcium Supplementation, Calcium Deficiency: We have been hearing since childhood that calcium is needed to make bones strong. Strong bones are very important to keep the body healthy. Meanwhile, in research on bone health, researchers from the School of Public Health and Management, Wenzhou Medical University, China, found that taking calcium supplements under the age of 35 improves bone strength. The findings of the research said that people should take care of their bone health from an early age.

Lead author Yupeng Liu, lead author of the research, said, “Osteoporosis and fractures are currently the most global and public health problems of bones, especially in elderly women, while calcium is used in abundance in old age. He said that there was a lot of discussion about whether calcium supplementation has an effect on bone health in young people, so we reviewed the use and effects of calcium supplements in people under 35.

More than 7,300 people were involved in the research, the team of researchers included more than 7,300 participants for their research, in which a total of 43 types of studies were done. For the surge, 20 were related to dietary calcium while 23 were calcium supplements. The research collected data on changes in bone mineral content and bone mineral density in the spine, femoral neck, and hip, as well as throughout the body.

Increases BMD and BMC levels The most striking finding of this research was that calcium supplements can improve BMD levels of both the whole body and the femoral neck, and even the femoral neck, in individuals under the age of 35. May also increase the BMC of the total body and lumbar spine. This change was seen more in the age group of 20 to 35 years. Experts found that calcium supplementation mainly increases the mineral density in the neck bone.

Professor Shuran Wang of Wenzhou Medical University said, “At present, these findings cannot be considered completely accurate, but more testing is needed to verify this, but this research has given a new direction to the use of calcium supplements.”

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 30, 2022, 01:45 IST



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