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If the child has phlegm or cough, then these home remedies are very useful

Cough and Sore Throat: In the changing season, the problem of cold, cough and phlegm causes a lot of trouble. Especially if the immunity of children is very weak, then they get infected quickly. Children are unable to remove the phlegm accumulated in the throat and sometimes even vomit. In such a situation, avoid feeding any cold or sour thing to the child. You can also take the help of some home remedies if the child has a sore throat, itching and mucus. This will remove the problem of phlegm and will also give relief in cough.

1- Honey-Ginger- If the child has a problem of cough and phlegm, give him honey and ginger juice. This will remove sore throat and phlegm. Eating ginger and honey will also give relief in cold and mucus will come out. For this, grate ginger and extract its juice. Now add 2 spoons of honey to it. Now feed this mixture 2-3 times a day.

2- Jaggery-Ginger- Some children continue to have the problem of coughing phlegm. In such a situation, feed ginger and jaggery to the child daily, it will give relief in cold-cough and throat phlegm. For this, heat ginger and grate it. Make the jaggery a little soft and add ginger to it. This will give relief to the throat.

3- Lemon-onion juice- Mucus accumulates in the chest of children. In such a situation, give them onion and lemon juice. This will remove the phlegm. For this, peel and grind the onion and extract the juice. Now add lemon juice to it and heat it. Add honey to it and drink it.

4- Honey-pepper- Honey and black pepper are also beneficial in cough and cold. Anti-bacterial properties are found in black pepper, which eliminates throat infections. This reduces the complaints of cough and mucus. Grind black pepper and drink it mixed with 1 teaspoon honey. ,

5- Salt water gargles – If there is phlegm and mucus, gargles should be done with salt and lukewarm water. This clears the mucus of the throat and also removes phlegm. Make the child rinse and gargle with warm water in the morning and evening.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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