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If the color of the skin starts fading, then it is a matter to be afraid, immediately consult a doctor.

Vitiligo Leukoderma Symptoms: Many types of things are heard in the surroundings regarding white spots (vitiligo leucoderma). Many questions must have arisen in your mind too, after all, how does this white stain happen?, this disease would not have happened suddenly. What are its initial symptoms? What is its effect on the body after white spots? What should I do if I get white spots? We will try to answer many such questions through this article.

There is a strange fear in the minds of people regarding white spots. Not only this, many people call this disease by untouchability, leprosy, sin of previous birth and many other names. But you will be surprised to know that this is not a sin of previous birth but due to hormonal changes in your body. At the same time, many people say that this disease also happens due to wrong eating and drinking.

According to doctors, when any person’s body gets destroyed by ‘melanocytes’ ie the cells that make skin color, then he gets ‘leukoderma’ or ‘vitiligo’ or white spot disease. Many experts believe that this disease can also be genetic. According to the skin specialist, people who have thyroid problems. They are also at risk of getting this disease. According to medical science, it cannot be cured at all by treating it, but it can be reduced to some extent. But it is not completely correct.

White spots or early signs of vitiligo

One of the early symptoms of white spots is discoloration or discoloration of the skin at places. First of all it starts with hands, feet, face, lips. This is a place where direct sunlight falls. Dryness of hair, discoloration of beard and eyebrows or turning white. Discoloration of the retinal layer of the eye. Speaking in the language of medical science, it is difficult to tell how much the disease of white spots can increase once it occurs. Many times, with the right treatment, new scars stop forming. In most cases, the white spots start growing gradually and spread to all parts of the body.

These changes are seen in the body after white spots-

social and psychological pressure

In Indian society, the disease of white spot is seen by connecting it with untouchability. Because of which its patients have to face a social and psychological difficulties.

Skin cancer: Due to this disease, the risk of sunburn and skin cancer increases.

Eye diseases White stains have many effects on the body. For example, problems start in the eyes. Irritation accompanied by swelling.

Deafness Decreased ability to hear.

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