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If there are symptoms of sore throat and fever, then checkup immediately, it may be this disease

Sore Throat With Fever: In the beginning of winter, people are troubled by cold, cough and fever. Many people also complain of sore throat during this season. If some such symptoms appear in your body too, then they should not be taken lightly. Corona, flu, viral and swine flu also have the same symptoms. Therefore, without carelessness, you should immediately consult a doctor. Your little carelessness can put your life in danger. Know which diseases can be symptoms of fever and sore throat.

Symptoms of Corona Two new variants of corona have appeared in India and many other countries. These are the new sub-variants from Omicron. Whose name is BA.5.1.7 and BF.7. These are considered to be quite infectious variants. In these people are facing some such problems.

Sore Throat Fever Throat Pain Difficulty in Hearing Tremor

Symptoms of Swine Flu Swine flu is also a bacterial infection that spreads from each other. Although swine flu has been controlled in India, but still you need to be careful. These are the symptoms of swine flu.

Fever Coughing Sore throat and sore nose Clogged or runny body ache Dizziness Diarrhea and vomiting

Symptoms of Seasonal Flu Sore throat and fever can also be symptoms of seasonal flu. Symptoms of flu include cough, cold, body ache, headache and runny nose.

Symptoms of Viral If you have a lot of fatigue and pain in the whole body and fever is also coming, then these can also be symptoms of viral. It is also common to have a sore throat and cough. In viral fever and cold also comes fever. Sometimes rashes can also occur on the skin. According to your symptoms, see a doctor and start treatment at the right time. Ignoring them can cause big problems later.

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