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If you accidentally eat expired medicine, then know what will be the result

Expired Medicine: We always check the expiry date of any item before taking it. There are two types of dates written on every item, whether it is medicine or milk, bread. One is the date of manufacture of the product i.e. the manufacturing date and secondly its expiry date is written. But sometimes it happens that without checking the expiry of the medicine kept in the house, they eat it. Do you know that eating expired medicine can make a difference to us?

Understand the meaning of the expiry date of the medicine

The expiry date is given by the manufacturing company on the medicine or any food item. This means that after the expiry of this date, the manufacturer does not have any responsibility towards the product. That is, the effect of the product is no longer being guaranteed by the company. However, this does not mean that the product has become poison after the expiry date. Yes, it will no longer be as effective as before.

What is the harm of eating expired medicine

It is the advice of the doctor that medicines of expiry date should not be taken because there is a possibility of causing many types of harm to it. If you have accidentally consumed the medicine of expiry date, then you should immediately consult a doctor. According to some reports, some solid medicines like capsules, tablets work for a few days after the expiry date but liquid medicines like syrups do not work beyond the expiry date.

Despite this, the advice of medical experts is that medicines should not be eaten after expiry. However, even after the expiry date, the drug makers keep a margin of a few months, so that if someone accidentally consumes the medicine, then there is minimum loss.

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