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If you are allergic to cow-buffalo milk, then drink cashew milk, the benefits are such that you yourself say wow!

Kaju Milk: Dry fruits are very beneficial for health. That’s why most health experts recommend eating dry fruits to stay healthy. Most people consume cashew nuts more. It is sweet in taste. Also, cashews are used in many types of dishes. At the same time, many people like to eat cashews by roasting, but have you ever had cashew milk?

Cashew milk is rich in many nutrients like vitamins, proteins, minerals, fatty acids, calcium, iron, dietary fiber, zinc and phosphorus etc. If you have lactose intolerance then drink cashew milk. This milk can overcome many problems. Let’s know the benefits of cashew milk

health benefits of cashew

keep heart healthy

Drinking cashew milk keeps your heart healthy. The monounsaturated fatty acids present in it can keep your heart healthy. Apart from this, there is no amount of cholesterol in it, so that you can keep the cholesterol level under control. Blood pressure can be reduced by the consumption of cashew nuts. In such a situation, cashew can be very healthy in keeping the heart healthy.

weighs less

Cashew milk is effective in reducing your increasing weight. It is rich in a biotactic compound called anacardic acid, which does not allow excess fat to accumulate in the body. If you want to reduce weight then drink cashew milk regularly.

Lowers the risks of cancer

Cashews are rich in antioxidant compounds, which can reduce the risks of cancer. Anacardic acid, cardols, cardanols, boron present in it do not allow cancer cells to grow in the body. This can prevent cancer.

How to prepare cashew milk?

To prepare cashew milk, take 1 cup cashew nuts. Add 1 cup of water to it and blend it in a mixer. After this, filter the cashew nuts. Again add water to the remaining cashew and grind it. After that filter it. In this way you can get cashew milk. If you are vegan or lactose intolerant then drink cashew milk. The amount of calories in it is very less.

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