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If you include white rice in the diet, then know these important things before eating


White rice is considered to be the biggest source of calories. The magnesium present in rice is good for our bones.

Side Effects Of Eating White Rice: Rice is used worldwide as a daily diet. It is a versatile food that is cooked in many ways and included in the diet. It easily mixes with any other spices or flavored things and because of this it is made in different styles everywhere. But if we talk about the things related to its health, then it also benefits and harms health in many ways. According to Eat This Not That, white rice is a refined grain that is considered less healthy than brown rice. It is also believed that it contains bad carb which harms the body. So let us tell you about some surprising advantages and disadvantages about rice today.

white rice side effects

High Calorie White rice is the biggest source of calories. Calorie works to give energy to our body parts in a better way. Apart from this, there are many other nutritional elements in it which work to increase energy. Every form of vitamin B is found in it except folate, which works to carry energy inside the cells. Therefore, if you consume more rice, then your metabolism and health can also suffer.

Arsenic can harm Arsenic is found in rice, which if you eat more then it can harm your health. However, less arsenic is found in white rice than in brown rice. By the way, how much arsenic is in rice, it also depends on the variety of rice. Like basmati rice and Japanese sushi rice, the amount of arsenic is low.

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Makes Bones Strong Magnesium is found in abundance in rice which helps in making the bones flexible and strong. Therefore, if you consume rice in the right amount, then the chances of bone fracture can be less.

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Metabolic syndrome Researches have found that there is some connection between white rice and metabolic syndrome. Which can be the cause of heart disease, heart stroke and type 2 diabetes. It also works to increase high cholesterol and blood pressure in the body.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : August 16, 2022, 17:34 IST




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