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In how many days is it right to change the bedsheet of the room so that health is safe?

Take care of bedsheet: We all make sure to lay a sheet or bedsheet on the bed, bed or cot in our homes. If the bedsheet is beautiful, then it attracts the attention of every person coming in the room, but it is not only for the beauty or decoration of the room, but it is necessary for our personal hygiene and cleanliness. According to a news published in Healthline, most people change bedsheets in their homes when they see it dirty or they have to make some changes in their house. It is absolutely wrong to do this, because dirty sheets can be very harmful for your health. Keeping the same sheet for a long time can reduce your immunity and you can suffer from seasonal diseases or infections. Even you may have to face problems related to sleep. Let us know why you should change the sheets of the house regularly.

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A lot of dirt and germs can accumulate on the bed sheet. Sometimes a beautiful bed sheet is sitting on the bed with many things, which we cannot see with our normal eyes, such as dust, oil particles, dead cells, germs and bacteria. infection. All these are enough to make you sick. according to research. The risk of getting diseases like pneumonia and gonorrhea increases due to bacteria.

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It is important to wash the sheets regularly, usually we wash the sheets in two or three weeks, but according to experts, doing so can give you problems like cold, flu, acne, allergies, eczema and asthma, as well as problems related to sleep. This can cause you to become lethargic and irritable.

These problems can be caused by using dirty bedsheets After looking under the microscope, it has been found that there were bacteroids in the dirty bedsheets, which can cause diseases like pneumonia, gonorrhea and appendicitis. Along with Bacteroides, Fusobacteria were also found in them, due to which many types of harmful infections can be caused.

In how many days the bedsheet will have to be changed, everyone should wash the bedsheet every week, no matter how clean it is visible. The reason for this is that our body releases about 40,000 dead cells every day, which can also contain a lot of bad bacteria. These have a negative effect on our health and especially on sleep.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : June 24, 2022, 12:30 IST


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