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In this infection, the parasite makes the human body a home, can make you blind

Deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes, HIV are caused by the growth of a virus in the body or due to the growth of internal cells. These diseases are so deadly that if not treated on time, they can be fatal, but can you imagine that there are some diseases in which external parasites come and make their home in the human body. They live on human tissue and can make the human body lifeless from inside. The condition becomes such that if the treatment is not done on time and if the parasites are camped in the human eye, then it can even blind. Bleeding from the nose can happen by eating the nerves of the brain, today let’s talk about the same parasite. Doctors say that if there is any pain anywhere in the body or if it looks like a wound, then immediately show it to the doctor.

Myiasis is this dangerous parasite, this infection is known as myiasis. It’s going to fly in the air. If it enters the human body, it remains alive on human tissue. These are called maggots. According to experts, when people travel in the tropical zone in the world. This larva is more commonly seen in Africa and South America. If people are traveling with open wounds. They are more prone to this larva going into the body.

Elderly woman’s eye – 140 maggots removed from nose In a hospital in Bengaluru, a 65-year-old man’s eye and nose have 140 maggots removed. According to the doctors of the hospital, during Kovid-19, the elderly woman had come for treatment of black fungus. Bed tissue was removed from the eyes and nose. Later the patient was sent home, about 3 months ago the same symptoms were seen in the patient. One of his eyes was completely swollen. There was bleeding from the nose. On examination, it was found that the left eye has become completely blind. A panel of doctors was formed for the surgery. Investigation revealed that maggots have camped in the eyes and nose of the patient. 110 maggots were removed from his nose. Dead tissue was also removed. The next day 35 maggots were removed from the iris. The patient is currently stable.

Maggots can reach the brain If the patient is not treated soon, then these worms could reach the brain. Could do a lot of damage to the brain. Doctors say that the eyes are directly related to the brain. In such a situation, the infection of the eyes could also spread to the brain. Doctors told that if there is any wound in the body. If he looks ripe and is not well for a long time, then the doctor should be seen immediately.

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